Ultima-888 Residential/Commercial Unit
Residential/Commercial Distillation System
Pure water is the most crucial element to sustain life after the air we breathe. Water is essential to the human metabolism. Water carries nutrients to individual cells and removes bodily wastes. Without pure water, our body's complex biochemical functions cannot be sustained. Water that is polluted or heavily contaminated can be very harmful, even deadly. It can cause diseases and illness. It can contribute to employee's absenteeism and sub-performance.
Increasingly people around the world are becoming more aware and concerned about the quality of their drinking water and they are taking action. With distillation we can produce the highest Purity and Quality drinking water.

Using Nature's process to provide more pure water everyday, Nature makes millions of gallons of fresh water from the salty contaminated ocean through the invisible
process of evaporation and precipitation. Nature removes particulate matter from the feed water source and produces fresh, distilled water everyday.
Hydrologic Cycle
  1. Sea water (contaminated)
  2. Heat from the sun
  3. Evaporation of H2O molecules
  4. Cloud formation
  5. Cool air
  6. Rain
  7. Collection of clean water
Inside Ultima-888
  1. Contaminated water
  2. Heat from the heating element
  3. Evaporation of H2O molecules
  4. Condenser Cool air from fan
  5. Distilled water
  6. Distilled water storage
How It Works!
One Raw water moves through a Mini-Softener.
Two The Mini-Softener removes hardness scale and stores it in the Feed Water Tank.
Three During the distillation process, the water is boiled in the Boiling Chamber.
Four Steam rises and passes through a finned condensing coil.
Five A fan cools the steam in the condensing coil and turns it to high-purity water, free of virtually all contaminants.
Six The distilled drinking water is stored in the distilled water tank.
Seven The water then passes through a post filter, a carbon filter to enhance the taste, and eliminate any odor in the water.
Eight Upon demand, the distilled water flows into the dispenser.
Nine Hot, cold, and room temperature water can be dispensed at your convenience through three separate faucets.
Ultima-888 Inside
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