Automatic Steam-Distillation Drinking Water Appliance
The Liberty-Classic is the newest and most advanced steam-distillation appliance on the market. The Liberty-Classic produces up to ten US gallons of steam-distilled water per day and has a ten gallon storage tank.

The Liberty-Classic can be fitted with an optional pump which delivers pure water right to your sink and is the only steam-distillation appliance that can be fitted with auxiliary storage tanks for unlimited storage. These options make the Liberty-Classic extremely flexible for multiple applications.

The Liberty-Classic has a removable boiling tank for ease of maintenance.


The Liberty-Classic produces steam-distilled water, which is the gold standard of purity and is recognized by doctors and scientists around the world as the preferred choice for consumable water. Additionally, a carbon post filter is included to aid in the removal of any organic gas carryover and to improve taste.
The Liberty-Classic is constructed of stainless steel and top quality components to provide years of dependable service with a minimum of care. It is fan-cooled and has a unique removable boiling tank feature for easy cleaning.
The Liberty-Classic hooks into your water line and automatically makes all the high-purity water you need for all of your consumable uses. You can choose to have the Liberty-Classic installed in one of two ways; the standard set-up or the full set-up.
Standard Set-up Example   Full Set-up Example
With the standard set-up, the appliance is installed in convenient, yet out of the way location and you dispense the water directly from the front of the machine.   With the full set-up, the appliance is installed in a remote location and the high-purity water is pumped directly to a separate faucet on your kitchen sink.
Through the Hydrologic Cycle, ocean water is evaporated by the sun and condensed into clouds, which then precipitates into pure rainwater. Our Pure Water distillers duplicate this natural process inside the appliance.
One Regular tap water is plumbed directly into the boiling tank from your home or office water supply.
Two A heating element boils the contaminated feed water and the steam rises.
Three The steam passes into the condensing coil, and the impurities are left behind in the boiling tank to be discarded.
Four A fan cools the steam and converts it to pure, distilled water.
Five A stainless steel storage tank holds up to ten gallons of distilled drinking water.
Six A demand pump delivers the distilled water to a remote faucet, refrigerator and/or ice maker.
Seven Add as many optional auxiliary storage tanks as you want for unlimited storage.
Liberty-Classic diagram
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