Athena Alkaline Water Ionizer
IonWays Premiun Countertop Ionizer
Specification Details
Product Manf. Permission Number No.610 by The Ministry of Health & Welfare
Feature Ion Water Generator
Model JS-205
Input Voltage AC120V
Input Electricity (Power Consumption) 1A(110W)
Weight Approx. 15.9 lbs.
Applicable Water Inflow Pressure Max: 70 - 80psi. / Min: 30 - 40psi.
Applicable Water Temperature 41 - 86F / 5 - 30C
Unit Operation Type One Touch-Automatic Ionization Start
Unit Operation Means Tap - Water - Open and - Close
Electrolysis Device
Electrolysis Method Continuous Electrolysis
Alkaline Settings 1-2-3-4 Level
Ionized Water Output Rate Max 3 Liters/Minute (alkaline+acidic water)
Cleaning Device Patented Self-Cleaning Mechanism
Electrode Materials Platinum and Titanium
Water Purifying Device
Filter Replacement Easy Replaceable Cartridges
Filter Life Activated Carbon Filter approx. 5-6 months basic 20 /day
Filter Life Indicator FND (Flexible Numeric Display) indicator
Filter Composition Silver impregnated activated Carbon and bio ceramic stone, coral calcium and Tourmaline space fibre ultra fine (optional)
Water Purifying Device Temperature Sensor / Auto Shut Off
Water Supply Direct Connection To A Tap
Unit Dimensions:
Height 13 inches
Width 10.5 inches
Depth 5.75 inches
All figures are approximations and subject to change without notice.
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