Athena Alkaline Water Ionizer
IonWays Premiun Countertop Ionizer.
We offer the finest, most advanced and economical Alkaline/Ionized water system in the world! The IonWays Athena Alkaline Water Ionizer. This Ionizer is designed to provide you with many years of clean, functional Alkaline/Ionized water.

This machine will give you optimum performance with every usage. It also has self-cleaning technology built-in for your convenience to provide you with clean Alkaline/Ionized water that is reported to have many uses and benefits.
IonWays Athena Model
This Ionizer will produce acidic water. This type of water has a low PH and has many excellent uses as well, giving you the convenience of water that can be beneficial in ways that ordinary tap, filtered, or bottled water cannot.
The Athena is the top performing unit in independent US EPA certified lab testing. Click Here to view the lab test video.

When looking for an Ionizer you want two things: clean alkaline/ionized water and good functionality. To understand the basics of how an ionizer works follow this link and read more here.

The Athena represents the absolute zenith of performance, features, functionality and styling available in water ionization technology today - All of this is backed by the dependability and reputation of Emco Tech - the world leader in ionization since 1982.
  1. This Alkaline/Ionizer is a beautifully constructed appliance made from durable high quality, easy to clean plastic.
  2. It has defined easy to read, lit control/function indicators on the front panel, and a flow control valve to regulate the water flow from the machine. You can adjust the amount of alkalinity or the acidity you desire quickly and easily by simply adjusting the dials on the panel.
  3. It has filter housing doors to provide easy access when replacing filters. There is a filter indicator on the front panel to alert you when it is time to change the filters.
  4. It has Dual Filtration, including the Biostone Filtration System, for cleaner water.
  5. Unparalleled durability with the patented DARC Cleaning System (Double Automatic Reverse Cleaning) eliminates the scale buildup which deteriorates performance in all other ionizers.
  6. It has its own power cord, a fuse holder w/fuse built-in to protect your machine from power surges or fluctuations, and a reset button.
  7. The Ionizer has pads to place the machine on the counter top, or you can use the keyhole slots on the back of the machine to mount it securely to a wall or cabinet.
  8. The Athena comes with the adapters to accommodate a vast majority of water faucets. You can purchase different ones, if needed, at your local hardware stores as well. The reagent, color chart, and test tube are also provided in the accessory kit.
  9. Complete step by step, easy to read, instruction manual makes the installation and operation of your machine simple and easy. You can get help installing your machine upon request at the time of purchase or by requesting it through our contact information. This is all provided to give you ease of mind when purchasing our products.
  10. This machine has a Lifetime limited warranty.
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