IONWays Athena Alkaline Water Ionizer
Well Water Memorandum
What If I Am Using Well Water?
IonWays Ionizers are designed to produce high quality filtered ionized water from municipal (treated) water systems.
If your source water is from a well, we strongly encourage you to analyze it so that any pre -filtration needs can be addressed.
Please contact your municipal water or health department for information on how to get your water tested.
  • Bacteria and other organic contaminants
  • Nitrates
  • TDS (total dissolved solids)
  • Hardness
  • pH
  • Iron
  • And anything else that might be specific to your geographic location.
Please discuss this with your local water experts; we cannot foresee every possible eventuality with well water.
When you have this report, send a copy to us for a free analysis. We can recommend and provide any pre-filtration systems needed.
The suggested solution is to use a Steam-Distillation System to attain the highest quality of water.
Please fax your report to (775) 358-1900 with your contact information.
Thank You,
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