IONWays Athena Alkaline Water Ionizer
The Biostone Plus Filtration System
IonWays and their manufacturer, EMCO Tech, have been on the cutting edge of water ionization technology for decades and pioneered numerous technologies that many try to copy. The release of the BioStone Plus filter is a continuation of this legacy and yet another example of IonWays’ commitment to excellence in both filtration and ionization technologies.
The Problem:
The use of chlorine is by far the most common form of water disinfection around the world. When free chlorine is combined with certain organics in water, carcinogenic disinfectant by-products are produced. The severe health risk of some chlorine-based by-products prompted the USEPA to adopt the Disinfection By-Product Rule which set limits in drinking water. In areas where the Disinfection By-Product limits are exceeded, a transition to chloramines (chlorine and ammonia) has begun.
The Solution, the Biostone Plus:
IonWays is the first company in the ionizer industry to begin US manufacturing of internal pre-filters, specifically designed for US water quality issues, of which chloramines removal is at the top of the list. The BioStone Plus combines multiple treatment barriers to ensure optimal performance and longevity for chloramines reduction. Incorporating 9 stages of treatment and a revolutionary water filter body design, the solution for areas, typically municipal treatment, where high level of chlorine and chloramines exist.
Filter Body Design:
It is common knowledge in the water industry that carbon can experience a condition known as “short circuiting” or “channeling” where small cracks develop in a column of carbon so that not all of the water flowing through the filter receives the same level of treatment, thus resulting in poor performance. IonWays’ Biostone Plus filters have been designed with a never before seen vortex inlet and outlet to ensure that water flows evenly through the filter media.
Vortex Inlet/Outlet
Vortex Inlet/Outlet
Multi-Barrier Treatment:  
Taking full advantage of a multi-barrier filter design, the Biostone Plus pre-filters water through 9 individual steps that polishes it before entering the ionization chamber.
  • Stage One: Sediment filter
  • Stage Two: Tourmaline to emit far infrared energy and assist with the ionization process.
  • Stage Three: Additional filtration.
  • Stage Four: Highly activated carbon designed for maximum chlorine/chloramines reduction.
  • Stage Five: Additional filtration.
  • Stage Six: Specialty media designed for chlorine/chloramines/heavy metal reduction.
  • Stage Seven: Additional filtration.
  • Stage Eight: Additional layer of highly activated carbon.
  • Stage Nine: Additional filtration.

Other Specialty Filters will be added to the IonWays Vortex Filters ™ product line in the future.

IONWays Biostone Plus Filtration System
BioStone Plus Filter
  1. The Biostone Plus incorporates the amazing natural properties of hydraulics in its filter body design to ensure optimal performance and longevity of your filter;
  2. 9 independent filtration stages are incorporated into the Biostone Plus, including specifically treated, highly activated carbon that is designed for maximum chlorine and chloramines reduction. Multiple sediment filters are put between the various stages to treat the suspended solids in water one micron or greater;
  3. The industry standard for heavy metal reduction also does a great job at chlorine and chloramines reduction too and is an integral part of the Biostone Plus;
  4. The ability to address varied water quality issues with a combination of other filters designed and produced to fit both inside or outside your ionizer;
  5. The Biostone Plus is manufactured in the US with NSF certified components.
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