C-630 Commercial Unit
Multi-Stage Commercial Distiller
The C-630 is designed for rugged hard work anywhere in the world. It produces 600+ gallons per day of fresh, high purity, distilled water. It is user friendly, low maintenance and has high energy efficiency.
Easy Installation

The Pure Water C-630 is designed to be wheeled through a standard door for ease of movement prior to installation. The space saving design allows unit to be pushed flat against wall because it only requires access from two sides.

Easy Operation
C-630 Commercial Unit
The Pure Water C-630 is designed for operation in developed and developing
countries and often in remote areas, so ease of operation has held a high place in design requirements. It is a fully automatic operation, with an automatic start-up and shutdown based on the storage tank level and it contains a self-monitoring capability for purity and other key features.
Easy Maintenance
The Pure Water C-630 is designed with the equipment operator in mind. A high design priority has been placed on easy replacement of components. There are very few moving parts with no troublesome compressors, high speed motors, or belts that can create serious safety hazards. It is designed for minimal maintenance and easy access to all key components.


Low Operating & Maintenance Cost
Low operating costs coupled with low maintenance are key components of success. You achieve both with the C-630. Operating costs and maintenance costs are lower than other multistage units and much lower than vapor compression distillers.


Distilled water has many uses in addition to drinking water:

Laboratories -- for analytical, utensil washing.
Restaurants -- for food preparation, steamers.
Plating Industries -- for cleaning surfaces.
Schools -- for laboratory uses, food preparation.
Rest Homes -- for humidification, food preparation.
Photography Businesses -- for photographic processing.
Dental Clinics -- for sterilization, oral irrigation, dental equipment.
Coffee Service -- drinking water for coffee machines.
Medical Applications -- for medical procedures, photographic processing.
Cosmetic Companies -- for preparations, laboratory uses, process water.
Pharmaceutical Industry -- for preparations, laboratory uses, process water.
Hospitals -- for laboratory uses, food preparation, humidification, medical procedures.
Electronic Industries -- for cleaning electronic items, process water.
C-630 Process Diagram - Click to enlarge
one Raw water enters the boiling chamber where it is boiled to produce steam.
Two The steam rises through a separator to remove droplets which might contain impurities.
Three Steam enters the heat exchange chamber where it gives up its heat through the walls. This heat is used to boil raw water in the second chamber.
Four The condensed steam collects to the bottom of the heat exchanger as high purity distilled water.
Five The steam from the raw water in the second boiling chamber goes through the next separator and repeats the process.
Six After the initial boiling action, the steam is reused 5 times to boil additional raw water without the use of more energy.
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