AquaTank - 30 Gallon
AquaTank Storage
Emergency Water Storage Containers
Sizes Offered: 30, 60, 110*, 150, 300** Gallons
Water is a precious commodity after a natural disaster, or when something like a technical problem happens with your water source. If water becomes contaminated, or there is no electricity to pump your water, where can you find water?  Emergency experts tell us that approximately of 2-5 gallons of water is needed per person, per day (including cooking, drinking, etc.). AquaTank
The need for water is much greater than the need for food. You can survive without food for a week, but going without water after 3-4 days you could be faced with serious problems. We all need water.

In most situations, water can be stored ahead of time. But storing the water can be a hassle. Not all containers are approved for food or potable water. Aquatank emergency water storage containers were specifically created to store a large volume of water in an easy-to-use food-grade container. Prior to use, the Aquatank container folds up and only takes up a small amount of space. So there is no need to bother with 55-gallon drums, five-gallon pails, or one-gallon milk jugs. Which in most cases cannot store drinkable or consumable water.

Previously, storing large volumes of water using this method has only been available to commercial, and government organization users, at a much higher cost. Aquatank containers were made specifically to serve the needs of the average person at an affordable price.

In case of an emergency, a natural disaster, or for agricultural use, Aquatank water storage containers are an affordable and easy way to store and transport water.

MillerWater offers the Aquatank and the new improved version, the Aquatank II tanks to our customers at affordable pricing.
Available Sizes:
Aquatank I
Gallons: Aquatank I
110* (this size only comes in the Aquatank I)
Aquatank II
Gallons: Aquatank I
300** (this size only comes in the Aquatank II)

Compact and easily stored. When not in use this item can be folded or rolled up to take up almost no storage space.

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