Water Basics

Find out about distilled water and why it is the best choice for your drinking water. What is Distilled Water?

Ask Dr. Water
Eldon Muehling, affectionately called “Dr. Water” by his peers, is the author of numerous articles and books on water chemistry and for over 25 years (before health was trendy) has trained thousands of people on the advantages of consuming only the purest drinking water. -- Eldon Muehling, aka “Dr. Water”

What are the current allowable levels for Arsenic in drinking water according to the EPA?

How important is good quality drinking water for children?

How does steam-distillation compare to reverse osmosis?

Is my tap water contaminated?

How much water should I drink?

Is steam-distilled water too pure? Can it leach minerals from my body?

Don’t I need the minerals in my water?

How important is pure water to a nutrition program?

What is meant by the terms ppm and ppb?

What is the pH of distilled water?

Is there a real difference between the Pure Water Mini-Classic II and cheaper plastic steam-distillers?

How does steam-distillation work?

What does the TDS test tell us?

What types of contaminants can be found in water?

Why should I care about the water I drink?

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