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Is steam-distilled water too pure?
Can it leach minerals from my body?

There has been some misinformation propagated on the internet regarding steam-distilled water, mostly from persons selling filters or some other inferior type of water treatment system. The most common misleading statement is that steam-distilled water is too pure, and that it will somehow leach water from the cells in your body. This is a ridiculous statement.

First of all, the term “leaching” is not a biological term, but rather is a geological term. There is no such thing as leaching in a living organism.

Second, there is no such thing as high-purity water in your body. As soon as you consume water it is mixed with saliva and other bodily fluids. In fact, to demonstrate this fact we will have people take a mouthful of high-purity steam-distilled water and immediately spit it back into a cup. We then test the water and find that the TDS (total dissolved solids) will measure anywhere from 10 to 150 parts per million! When you swallow high-purity water it mixes with all of your stomach acids and instantly becomes part of the soupy mixture that makes up your body.

High-purity water, such as rain water, is simply water that is free of most of the contaminants that are present in all tap water around the US today.

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