Water Basics

How important is good quality drinking water for children?

Good drinking habits are especially important for children. Children have higher metabolisms so they need more water (for their weight) than adults. Because of children’s low body weight, they can easily become dehydrated. There have been a number of reports that actually link proper hydration to mental development for children and improved attention spans.

Water quality is also extremely important for children. Children have a less developed immune system than adults and are definitely more susceptible to contamination (especially biological contamination) than adults. Contamination outbreaks are considerably more dangerous for children than adults.

Since children drink more water for their weight than adults, toxins may build-up in their bodies faster. This is the main reason that lead contamination is such a concern for children.

Children are very sensitive to bad tastes in water. This causes them to turn to sugared drinks that hide the bad tastes. When children have access to good tasting water and they are encouraged with positive drinking habits they can develop a taste for water over sugared drinks. Distilled drinking water is an important key to keeping them healthy.

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