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Ice isn't just ice; it's frozen water. This may seem like an obvious statement, but it is as simplistic as the substance itself. Ice is one of the fifteen known crystalline phases of water. Its appearance and density is based on the impurities within the water. Even the amount of air inclusions can affect its outcome.

When it comes to the ice you use in your drinks, think of your glass like an Ecosystem. Everything within that glass affects it. Every new element that is introduced to the contents of that environment will change the way it tastes. Is the receptacle glass, metal, or plastic? Is it clean? Was it cleaned in a dishwasher or by hand? Was it rinsed before the drink was poured? What are the ingredients of the beverage?

Beverage companies spend millions of dollars in research every year to bring you the purest spirits, juices, sodas, waters, and various other drinkables. Why then, would you use ice made from tap water? There are Vodkas which are distilled up to an exceeding nine times. Water, only needs to be distilled once, and distilled water makes for the cleanest, purest ice available: De-mineralized Ice.

It is a scientific fact that ice made from pure, distilled water freezes harder, lasts longer, and introduces no added tastes or impurities to the Ecosystem of your Drinking Cup. So, whether it is a nice cold glass of water, tea, lemonade, or perhaps something stronger like a fine alcohol beverage, de-mineralized ice is the perfect addition to your drinking experience.

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De-mineralized Ice
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