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About Distilled Water

What is distillation?

According to Webster’s Dictionary, the word “distill” (also “distil”) is derived from the Middle English word “destillen”, which was borrowed from the Middle French word “distiller”, which was ultimately derived from the Latin word “destillare.” Literally, the meaning is “de” + “stillare” – to drip or to drop.

Today’s literal translation of the word is “to let fall, exude, or precipitate in drops”. Webster’s Dictionary defines the process of distillation as “the process of heating a mixture and condensing the resulting vapor to produce a more nearly pure substance”.

Distilled water is water that has been heated to the boiling point so that water becomes steam and is separated from the impurities. The steam is then condensed back into pure high quality water. The impurities remain as residue in the boiling chamber to be flushed.

The distillation process removes virtually all biological, organic, inorganic and radioactive contaminants. Distilled water contains virtually no solids, minerals or trace elements. Distilled water is 99.9% pure.

It is clean, natural and healthy. Steam distilled water is the standard by which all other waters are measured.

Distilled water is fast becoming recognized as the preferred drinking water.

Distilled water is not just for drinking!

Pure distilled water should be used for all of your consumable needs, or anything that goes into your body. Whether you consume ice cubes, soup, coffee, tea, pasta, rice, baby formula, juices, Kool-Aide®, or just drinking water. The contaminants that are in your tap water are still finding their way into your body – unless you are using pure distilled water.

Why should I use distilled water?

Distillation is the single most effective method of water purification and can be used throughout the world on all types of incoming water. Unlike other treatment methods such as carbon filters and reverse osmosis, our systems are effective on virtually all contaminants and are not dependent on water pressure, water temperature, pH, or chlorine and can even be used on water containing bacteria and parasites and still produce safe, 99.9% pure water.

Why is distillation the best choice?

  • Distillation is the single-most effective water treatment method. A well-designed distiller will remove 99.9% of contaminants.

  • Distillation is the only process that boils the water, which means that distillation kills bacteria, viruses and other biological contaminants.

  • Distillation is the only process that collects the pure steam. The steam rises from the water, leaving virtually all contaminants behind, then the steam is cooled into pure water.

  • Distillation produces extremely consistent results. There is no drop in quality over time. Produces consistently high quality water glass after glass, day after day, and year after year.

  • Distillation is not limited to the quality of the source water. It will produce consistent quality regardless of the quality of the source water.

  • Distillation offers absolute peace of mind. It consistently produces the highest quality drinking water available. This is something that no other process can honestly claim.

  • Distillation is recommended by doctors & nutritionists and it is endorsed by top doctors and nutritionists in books such as Fit for Life, Fit for Life 2, Optimum Sports Nutrition, Nutrition for Endurance, Prescription for Nutritional Healing, Pure Water Now: It's time for action and many, many more.

  • Distillation exactly duplicates Mother Nature’s hydrologic cycle, nature’s primary method of purifying water.
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